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New to Thelema? Start Here!

Dove and Serpent Oasis is an active body of Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.)  in the Valley of Atlanta, GA focused on promoting the Law of Thelema:


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Love is the law, love under Will.


This refers to a higher Will or purpose. It recognizes that every individual has a personal Will and the right to follow it, whatever that may be.


Dove and Serpent Oasis is committed to providing tools and techniques based on principles of individual liberty, self-discipline, self-knowledge, and universal brotherhood to aid on the path to seeking one's True Will.


In this pursuit, we offer workshops and discussion groups on magick and the occult, initiations, group ritual, and the Gnostic Mass (the central ritual of the O.T.O.)


Every man and every woman is a star.


We don’t tell people what to think or believe. We promote protection of equality in all parts of society, including race, religion, gender, sexuality, custom and creed. Humanity is diverse, and every star shines brightly.

Note: These are some things to get you started- there are always more book recommendations and rituals to be passed along! Also, Crowley’s texts can be challenging to read; he packs a lot into his writing.


Introductory Book Recommendations


-The Weiser Concise Guide to Aleister Crowley by Richard Kaczynski

Gives a good overview of the history of Thelema, Aleister Crowley, and the OTO, as well as the magickal practices of Thelema.

-Living Thelema: A Practical Guide to Attainment in Aleister Crowley's System of Magick by David Shoemaker


-Thelema: An Introduction to the Life, Work & Philosophy of Aleister Crowley by Colin Campbell

Clearly lays out an introduction to fundamental philosophies and different types of magickal and occult practices used in Thelema


-Abrahadabra: Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thelemic Magic by Rodney Orpheus


-Perdurabo by Richard Kaczynski


-Liber AL vel Legis (Book 220: The Book of the Law)

This book is the foundation of Thelema and the whole work of O.T.O. It is a critical read. (Can be found online via the link, or purchased as a physical copy.)


-The Magick of Aleister Crowley by Lon Milo DuQuette

A breakdown, explanation, and instruction of key Thelemic rituals


-The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford: Dilettante's Guide to What You Do and Do Not Need to Know to Become a Qabalist by Lon Milo Duquette


-Llewellyn's Complete Book of Ceremonial Magick: A Comprehensive Guide to the Western Mystery Tradition by Lon Milo DuQuette and David Shoemaker

Foundations of Western Magick • Qabalah • Demonology & Spirit Evocation • Alchemy • Planetary Magick • Enochian Magick & Mysticism • The Magick of Abra-Melin • The Golden Dawn • Thelema & Aleister Crowley • Polytheistic Ceremonial Magic • Magician's Tables • The Future of Ceremonial Magick


-If you want to look at more of Crowley’s work, start with the Class A (or Holy Texts) of Thelema.

Fundamental Rituals


-Liber Resh vel Helios 

4x a day daily sun adorations.

The “the adoration that is taught thee by thy Superior” comes from the Book of the Law, Ch. 3, line 37-38:


Unity uttermost showed!

     I adore the might of Thy breath,

Supreme and terrible God,

     Who makest the gods and death

To tremble before Thee—

     I, I adore thee!

Appear on the throne of Ra!

     Open the ways of the Khu!

Lighten the ways of the Ka!

     The ways of the Khabs run through

To stir me or still me!

     Aum! let it kill me!

The light is mine; its rays consume

     Me: I have made a secret door

Into the House of Ra and Tum,

     Of Khephra and of Ahathoor.

I am thy Theban, O Mentu,

     The prophet Ankh-af-na-khonsu!

By Bes-na-Maut my breast I beat;

     By wise Ta-Nech I weave my spell.

Show thy star-splendour, O Nuit!

     Bid me within thine House to dwell,

O wingèd snake of light, Hadit!

     Abide with me, Ra-Hoor-Khuit!


The signs are:
















-Liber XV: The Gnostic Mass 

The central ritual of the O.T.O. both public and private.

To Perfect this Feast- Liber XV: Gnostic Mass (video)

Liber XV: Gnostic Mass(video, 18+ nudity)


-The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP)

Fundamental pentagram banishing ritual


-The Star Ruby

A Thelemic pentagram banishing ritual

Star Ruby video


-The Middle Pillar

Ritual of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, connected with Qabalah and the Tree of Life

-Will (before meals)

You knock 3-5-3 and say, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."


The person at the other end of the table replies: "What is thy Will?"


You: "It is my Will to eat and drink."


Them: "To what end?" 


You: "That my body may be fortified thereby."


Them: "To what end?"


You: "That I may accomplish the Great Work."


Them: "Love is the law, love under will."


You, with a single knock: "Fall to." 


Thelemic Podcasts



Thelema NOW! Crowley, Ritual & Magick is a monthly podcast, produced with the support of Ordo Templi Orientis USA Grand Lodge.


-Living Thelema

In this popular podcast, Thelemic teacher David Shoemaker gives practical tips for success in the magick and mysticism of Thelema--the spiritual and philosophical system of Aleister Crowley.


-Speech in the Silence

Speech in the Silence focuses on the topics of Thelema and Aleister Crowley. The podcast includes lectures, music, and readings. Our mission is to spread awareness of the Law of Thelema. Speech in the Silence is also a creative outlet for Thelemites, and we encourage listener feedback and participation.




Thelemic Youtube Channels


-Ordo Templi Orientis Youtube Channel


-Temple of the Silver Star Youtube Channel

-Arcanum Luminarium (Lon Milo DuQuette’s Youtube Channel)


-Living Thelema Youtube Channel


-Horizon Lodge Youtube Channel


-Sehket Maat Lodge Youtube Channel

-Maevius Lynn’s Thelemic YouTube Channel

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